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Foreword: The Xiongxing Group has gone through 25 years. During the period of hard work, rapid growth and volatility, as the market develops and the competition intensifies, the company leaders realize the seriousness and urgency of development. They are far-sighted and look forward to future. If we want to develop, we must emancipate our minds, change our concepts, and manage and operate in a two-pronged way to better and more effectively adapt to the future market. Therefore, we have hired and authorized “Guangdong Gaosheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd.” to assist our company in the lean transformation of the company. Pushing forward the development and restructuring of our company to a new climax.


Lean Reform Swearing Conference


On April 23, 2018, Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd. held the "Lean Reform Swearing Conference".

Theme of the conference:

(1) Establish a new organizational structure and personnel appointments;

(2) Declaring the overall ideas, steps and objectives of lean change;

(3) All personnel sworn to express their determination to participate in lean change.

Managing Change, Lean Production

Leading pre-war training


Vice President Ma Quangang pointed out that if you want to develop, you must change your mind, change your behavior, change your habits, and your business will have a way out. Individuals will develop.

The company hopes to use third-party management agencies to help improve the status quo! At the same time, it is also required that all colleagues must keep up with the pace of the company's lean reform and realize the common progress of individuals and companies!

Managing Change, Lean Production

Issuing an offer letter and a letter of responsibility


The new organizational structure and personnel appointments were announced at the conference, and a change improvement team was established.

The transformation of the company in development is inseparable from the transformation of the thinking and way of doing things among all the male stars, and it is also inseparable from the joint efforts of our management team. I hope that under the leadership of the new management team, our singularity will not forget the initial heart, and move forward!

Managing Change, Lean ProductionManaging Change, Lean Production

In this lean change process, the project management team will have a more difficult task. Specially established project improvement teams: marketing improvement team, strategy implementation team, logistics supply chain team, human resources and 6S improvement team, efficiency and planning team and TPM team, can be targeted to management change, lean production!

Managing Change, Lean Production

The long journey is as iron as it is, and now it is getting more and more important! Concentrate on team strength and passion to achieve dreams. We will go all out and be sure to make a successful change!


Gao Sheng professional guidance


Internal change requires the push of external forces


Guangdong Gaosheng Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. pointed out the direction for us in this lean change. I believe that under their guidance, our management will take another step!

Managing Change, Lean ProductionManaging Change, Lean Production

Issue letter of appointment and power of attorney for Gaosheng Company

Solemn sworn signature

Breaking the important link in the 25 years of the management of the singer - oath

An important part of the conference - a collective oath. We solemnly promise to the company's leaders that we are fully committed to this vigorous lean change movement, using practical actions to interpret and fulfill our solemn commitment!

Managing Change, Lean ProductionManaging Change, Lean ProductionManaging Change, Lean Production

Today we have had an exciting time, we will follow the ethical spirit of the lean change swearing, fully committed to lean change, and resolutely complete the mission of change. We believe that under the leadership of the company's leadership, with the careful guidance and help of Gao Sheng's teacher, and through the joint efforts of all the male stars, through the lean transformation, the male star will have a better and more brilliant tomorrow!

Managing Change, Lean Production