The Goddess Day



The Goddess Day"

On the afternoon of March 8, 2018, our Xiongxing Group launched an outdoor development activity on the theme of “The Goddess Day” in Cap Peak Mountain to celebrate Women's Day by climbing the mountain.

Hat Peak Mountain Gate
Direction of direction
Ready to go up before going up the mountain
The goddesses can't help but feel happy, and they want to think about it and climb to the top.
Dawang told me to come to the mountain
In the 18th bend of the mountain road, the goddesses chatted high songs, self-timer dazzling dance, no troubles, no sorrow, happy like a fairy.

Will be the top

List of small hills


Standing in the foothills and shouting at the empty mountains, letting out the stressful emotions, persisting in the end, the victory is ours at the end!

The goddess of the gods

After the exercise, the goddesses gathered at the farm to celebrate with the leaders.

President Feng (the boss) took the lead in participating in the construction of corporate culture, encouraging female colleagues to work and rest, and maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude. I cordially greeted and listened to the voices of my female colleagues, expressed my appreciation and praise for the hard work of my female colleagues, and expressed my gratitude to the toast! I would like to thank my female colleagues for their contributions in the development of the company. I wish the goddess of the stars a happy holiday and a happy family!


Everyone is happy with the wine and enjoy this moment! Everyone's face is filled with a happy smile!

Goddess after the tour

The Goddess Day event was successfully completed in laughter and laughter. Through this activity, not only exercised everyone's physical quality, but also eased the pressure of family, work and life, and deepened mutual understanding, strengthened collective cohesion, and made everyone through health, harmony, happiness, and colorful. Goddess Festival! ! !