The 2018 Spring Festival Gala Dinner of Xiongxing Group ended successfully!


01. New year and new weather
The whole company has been carefully dressed up, saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new,
It means that 2018 is as prosperous as red lanterns!

02, set off firecrackers, welcome to open the door

Welcome to the new spring, start working!

Festive loud firecrackers, solemn and pious prayers,

Pray for the Pengxing Miles of the Xiongxing Group, and make great achievements!

(Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd.)
(Guangdong Xiongxing New Materials Co., Ltd.)

03, feast, gathered together

On the occasion of the start of the new spring,

Group on February 24th,

Held Guangzhou Xiongxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Weilianda Plasticizer Co., Ltd. 2018 Spring Festival Gala Dinner;

On February 25th, the 2018 Spring Festival Gala Dinner of Guangdong Xiongxing New Materials Co., Ltd. was held.

All my colleagues gathered together and they were happy.

The scene is lively!

(The banquet warm picture - Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(Enjoy delicious food - Guangdong Xiongxing)


04, toasting, open and drink

With a happy mood, bring a sincere blessing,

Colleagues have left each other to kiss and bless each other.

The deep affection is placed in the wine,

Let's have a drink and enjoy this moment together!

(Management representatives toast to all employees - Guangdong Xiongxing)
(The leaders between the seats toasted each table to greet and care - Guangdong Xiongxing)

(Drinking into the intestines, showing deep affection - Guangdong Xiongxing)


05, sentimental message, looking to the future

Looking back at 2017, we are full of pride;

Looking forward to 2018, we are shouldering the burden.

Happiness is all struggling.

Pick up your sleeves and cheer!

(Zhang Jinhui Zhang Presidential Loyalty Contribution Awards and New Year Greetings---Guangzhou Xiongxing)
(Ma Quangang Ma Vice President's Dinner Opening Speech - Guangzhou Xiongxing)
(The 18-year loyalty contribution award of the male star represents the deputy general manager Li Chao Li----Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(Excellent employee representative Wang Hongxian's experience to share - Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(Zhang Jinhui President Zhang New Year Greetings - Guangdong Xiongxing)

(Guangdong Xiongxing New Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Hu Chengyu Dinner Opening Speech - Guangdong Xiongxing)


06, awards and commendation, thank you

During the party, they were awarded separately.

More than 15 male stars loyalty contribution award and 2017 outstanding employee award,

Thanks to the loyal veterans for their persistence and dedication for so many years.

Thanks to the excellent models who have worked hard in the past year,

Thank you for your company!

(Zhang Jinhui, President Zhang awarded the loyalty contribution award--Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(President Mrs. Feng issued a loyalty contribution award - Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(President Zhang, President and the loyalty contribution winners took a group photo - Guangzhou Xiongxing)
(President Zhang, President and a group of outstanding employees take a group photo - Guangzhou Xiongxing)
(President Zhang awarded the Outstanding Staff Award - Guangdong Xiongxing)

(President Zhang takes photos with outstanding employees - Guangdong Xiongxing)


07, the lottery link, surprises constantly

Thanks for the table, on the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2018,

Deliberately prepared a generous prize for all colleagues:

Hisense 65-inch smart TV, Huawei Mate10 mobile phone,

Tianwang series of fashionable business machinery couples on the table, Haier smart washing machine,

The Supor rice cooker and the special prize sponsored by the supplier have a winning rate of 60%!

All the awards have been released, and they are lucky! What an exciting link!

(Zhang Vice President and the special prize winner took a group photo - Guangzhou Xiongxing)

(The winners took the stage to receive the award - Guangdong Xiongxing)

(Leader and special prize winner took a group photo - Guangdong Xiongxing)


08, love fight will win

Unforgettable revelation of the joy of the old, with a passion that never fades,

At the end of the banquet, I don’t forget the spirit of brave and hard work of the male stars.

The male stars sing together "Love will fight to win"!


(President (right), vice president (left) on stage to lead the singer "Love will win" - Guangzhou Xiongxing)


09, unforgettable, and meet next year

The 2018 Spring Festival Gala of the Xiongxing Group ended in a happy atmosphere.

The warm and joyful dinner made all the colleagues feel the warmth of the male family.

Even this happy new year adds a touch of affection!

I wish the Xiongxing Group's performance Changhong, prosperous, prosperous and strong!

I wish the Xiongxing family people good health, happy family, and good luck!

In 2018, we must "dog" to go, Wangwangwang! ! !


(Leaders take a group photo - Guangzhou Xiongxing)


(Some leaders take a group photo - Guangdong Xiongxing)